When you lose someone very dear it is a devastating shock. We think that maybe in some way we might be ready for this life changing event. The actual truth is often something very different. It feels as if it is just too much for us to bear.

Deep down all we ever want to do is turn back the hands of time. Losing someone very dear to us is always a very overwhelming shock.  We can never prepare. We know that going backwards is not an option. This makes our loss even harder to accept.

Within the funeral world you now have choices.  At one end of the scale you can choose a traditional service based on religion, prayers and hymns. At the other end of the scale you have a Humanist service which has no religious content at all. A Funeral Celebrant is a qualified person that officiates at services by planning and overseeing the proceedings. Funeral Celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual services. Many celebrants aim for the funeral service to be a ‘Celebration of Life’ that honours the person’s memory; a service that reflects the family’s input as much as possible.

The service I offer is the beginning of the next chapter for you as a family.  Your life has changed and I am here to help you move into that next part of your story. As a Celebrant I work with all my families who invite me into their home and share with me forgotten stories and happy or sad memories of their dearly departed. I then go away and build a wonderful personal Eulogy which reflects and celebrates the life,  true character and personality of the person to whom we are saying farewell

The service is about that individual, what they stood for and what they were like, their beliefs and sometimes last messages to the family and friends they have left behind. A Funeral service can be as inclusive as a family would like and I encourage family members to participate within the service – whether it be just to say a few words or share a poem.  I always strive to make my services as personal as possible and from the feedback I have been given I am proud to say that my families are left with a loving goodbye as a lasting legacy of their loved one.

My Fees include: A meeting with the family where information is shared about their loved one. Then I go away and build a personal Eulogy of the deceased. Once completed then the Eulogy is emailed so the family have the opportunity to make any amendments. On the day of the funeral I will be waiting to greet you. I will then deliver the Funeral Service. The following day I will contact you in order to make sure that you were happy with the service. Then finally a copy of the Eulogy is delivered to the family home in a folder for you to keep.

Funeral Eulogy: Price from £195.00

Your own Funeral – Designed by You in Advance

As our daily lives speed along, have you ever thought that some things you may wish to have said along the way go unsaid??   Therefore why not plan ahead and pass your wishes onto somebody like myself, who can make sure that all you wanted to say is passed on during the ‘Celebration of your Life’, or at your Funeral.

I offer a special, thoughtful service which sets down your own composed funeral in the form of a Eulogy.  Special mentions, chosen music, favourite poems, readings, prayers or hymns can all be included – anything that you would wish for on the day of your funeral.  Flowers and chosen charities can also be addressed. It is the perfect way in which your last wishes can be adhered to.

After an initial telephone consultation to assess your needs, I will organise a meeting, either at your home or a mutually agreed place. This can be done in private or with a family member/friends present so that nothing is missed.

There may be 2 or 3 home visits or meetings to gather all the information required.  I will collate it all and once you have agreed the final copy I will send it to your nominated next of kin, Solicitor, Funeral Director or Power of Attorney.

When the time comes the Funeral Director will contact me, your chosen Celebrant who will deliver the service on your special day at either a Funeral or a ‘Celebration of your Life’ gathering.

Your Own Funeral: Price from £250

All costings subject to yearly price increases.